Flower Of Life Healing Arts

heal your pain, heal your life

Day 1 class time in Conference room: 

What are problems with our Fascia and Fluids? Problems with Fascia Fibers and Re-defining Edema.
Introduction to the 10 Core Skills:

  1. Core Skill:Grip
  2. Core Skill: Strike
  3. Core Skill: Palpation
  4. Core Skill: Pressure
  5. Core Skill: Placement
  6. Core Skill: Feedback
  7. Core Skill: Healer Logic
  8. Core Skill: Press and Push (Hands)
  9. Core Skill: Gem Foot Slide (Tuning Fork)
  10. Core Skill: Resolution and Accountability

Day 2 and 3 Practical Application on massage tables:

  • Head and Neck Protocols
  • Abdominal Pain and Digestion Protocols
  • Lower Back and Hip Pain Protocols
  • Joint Pain and 
  • Range of Motion Protocols
  • Foot and Leg Pain Protocols
  • Anti-aging Protocols
  • Fat Burning Protocols

128 Hz Otto Tuning fork can be 

purchased in our web store here