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Sandra Nikolich

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Flower Of Life Healing Arts is the name of my healing practice from which I’ve been helping my clients heal for last 11yrs. Biofield tuning opened the door to the world of tuning forks and now I use them as essential tools.Utilizing tuning forks I also release fascia restrictions and bring rapid pain relief for issues such as sciatica, sinus pressure and headaches, shoulder pain, foot plantar fasciitis..

Having experienced kundalini awakening I created a new method for healing emotional trauma and CPTSD resulting from the narcissistic abuse called Nervous System Frequency Reset. This method uses specific tuning fork frequencies to restore electromagnetic settings and, in that way, helps the nervous system regulate itself into the ‘rest and digest’ state. I would love to hold sacred space for your own self-healing journey (both in-person or distance sessions).

Growing up during the war in former Yugoslavia my dream was to become someone who will help people ease their suffering, heal trauma wounds and in that way make the world a better place for life to flourish. Having received a full scholarship from University Of Mount Union in Ohio I graduated with a degree in Psychology and Criminal Justice and was accepted into the Clinical Psychology graduate program. One of the degree requirements was an internship at the local mental health facility. This close contact experience with psychiatric patients transformed me both as an individual and a professional.

Seeing firsthand how drug-centered models of psychopharmacology mask the symptoms and never address the root cause creating in many instances serious side-effects and altered states of consciousness I decided to look for an alternative way to heal the body and mind connection. Since the root cause of all our body and mind problems is rooted in the nervous system which is electrical in its nature I started following the electrical approach to health.  With epilepsy, for example, seizures are caused by a neurological circuit in the brain firing rhythmically, instead of in a healthy pattern. Electrical stimulation can interrupt the neurons’ oscillations and restore the normal patterns. The FDA has approved a device implanted near the collarbone that treats epileptic seizures by stimulating the vagus nerve.

As a self healer I learned that when we take responsibility for our own health we become our own  greatest healers. Inventor Nikola Tesla said: ”We are electrical beings living in the electrical Universe.” Following this reasoning is what brought me to the largest human sensory organ called Fascia. Fascia is the piezoelectric highway connecting body, mind and spirit. It’s what holds us together when we fall of the horse or survive car accident. It can take up to 2000lbs of pressure without changing. This is why fascia and tuning fork are the match made in heaven. Tuning fork can produce enough pressure along with the vibration to overpower fascia tension making it far superior to hand massage.

Clearing noise and static using tuning forks out of my electrical body (nervous system) and releasing fascia constrictions is what brought me to the most amazing electromagnetic healing event any human can have which ancients called Kundalini awakening. I learned a lot about how human body works observing this electrical current raising up my spine and activating all my energy centers. This dormant energy we all have is like a stem cell that can rejuvenate any part of our being. Eternally grateful for this experience since it made me even more sensitive and awakened to subtle energy.

Wishing you sound health,



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